Originally created for extreme climates, double glazed window designs are now available in nearly all locations around the globe, providing more comfortable spaces in your home. In addition, double glazed windows feature an insulated barrier against outside noises, ensuring peace and tranquility for those inside.

Considered an energy efficient choice, uPVC windows have similar thermal properties to timber. UPVC limits the transfer of heat and cold through the frame and as a result can reduce reliance on heaters and air conditioners.uPVC is a flame retardant material commonly used in fire risk areas. uPVC frames are a self extinguishable material that does not support combustion.

Sliding or French Doors

uPVC frames may feature two, three or four light options, multi-point locking, safety glass without transom for uninterrupted view, adjustable hinges and colonial or federation bars, fitted between the glass panes for easy cleaning.

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Casement windows

When fitted with quality compression seals, give extra security and weather tight closure.

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Awning windows

Some uPVC makers will be dual locking for improved security and draught-proofing.

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Picture windows

Range from over-bench size to walls of glass with uPVC frames.

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Sliding Windows

uPVC should travel on rollers for a lifetime of easy opening. Especially in multi-storey installations, consumers appreciate sashes that lift out for cleaning.

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Tilt and turn windows

Common in Europe, make it easy to clean the outside of the window from the inside by opening the sash like a door, directly into the room. Like the double hung, the tilt and turn is handy in multi-level buildings.

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