What are the benefits of Double and Triple Glazing?

There are many benefits to double glazing or triple glazing the doors and windows of your home. As Canberra’s double and triple glazed window installation specialists, New World Windows are pleased to provide the following benefits in all of their glazed door and window installations.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Installing double and triple-glazed glass will substantially reduce your household’s energy usage. Approximately 37% of the energy usage you pay for is lost through single-glazed glass doors and windows. Double and triple glazing can effectively reduce this problem by:

• Providing your home with thermal resistance, which is particularly important in Canberra’s cold climate
• Ensuring that all of the rooms in your home remain well-insulated
• Reducing your reliance on a heater or air-conditioner when warming or cooling your home
• Helping you save money by cutting down on your gas and electricity bills

The improved energy efficiency provided by double and triple glazing your glass doors and windows can also increase the overall value of your property. Double and triple-glazed glass can improve your home’s Star Energy rating, potentially translating into a higher sales price for your home in the future.

Noise Reduction

Double and triple-glazed glass can minimise the effects of outside noise on your home by up to 70%. By installing double and triple-glazed windows in your home, you will be ensuring that it remains a peaceful and quiet environment, uninterrupted by nuisance and noise from the outside world. This will make your home a more comfortable and tranquil place to live.

Safety and Security

Double and triple-glazed doors and windows can also ensure that your home remains safe and secure from attempted burglaries and intruders. Unlike traditional, single-glazed installations, the modern, double and triple-glazed installations provided by New World Windows also have the following benefits:

• Secure uPVC frames
• Improved safety through multi-point locking systems
• Low maintenance framing which, unlike traditional timber frames, does not require sanding and will withstand rot

Affordable Installation

Despite the numerous benefits of double and triple glazing your glass doors and windows, the cost of installation is comparatively cheap and competitively priced. Contact New World Windows today for a prompt, obligation-free quote regarding the purchase and installation of practical, energy-efficient, double or triple-glazed glass windows and doors.

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