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Why choose uPVC frames for Windows and Doors?

uPVC is already the top-rated product of choice in Europe and North America. With a proven quality track record, uPVC frames are created using German quality technology by the Belgium company Deceuninck, and since 1937 have continuously improved uPVC designs, resulting in it becoming the most popular product selection for frames today.

Deceuninck has specifically designed uPVC frames to withstand extreme environment conditions, including the harsh Australian climate we experience today.

Enhancement of insulation efficiency

Standard uPVC windows and door frames optimise your thermal insulation to a highly efficient standard. From scorching summer days to icy winter nights, implementing this technology into your home can make your home more protected from the outdoor environment. The patented technology utilises air filled gaps acting as a further enhancement to the effectiveness of your insulation.

Superior weather resistance

Deceuninck’s continued progress of the technology has made the product highly resistant to harsh weather conditions. You are guaranteed a long-lasting product, while able to feel confident that uPVC windows and doors can withstand even the most brutal of environmental conditions.

Increased household security

Our specialised fitting, glazing methods, and double paned glass offer greater security than single pane windows when installed by one of our experienced technicians. We also have a toughened glass option if you’re seeking maximum security levels for you home for peace of mind.

Increased fire safety

Fire tests show that Deceuninck products have a heightened resistance to fire and naturally repel flames. This makes them a superior selection for heightened family safety as unlike timber frames, Deceuninck products naturally extinguish flames.

Zero Maintenance

Timber doors and frames are commonly affected by termite infestations. Deceuninck door and window products are highly efficient against repelling these pests thanks to improved technology implemented in the design.

uPVC frame benefits include a great selection of custom colour and design, commands a visually appealing presence in homes, and available in laminated colours which are more resistant than paint products. It’s suitable for both new buildings and renovations of older style buildings.

With so many advantages and benefits of installing uPVC frame products into your home, give New World Windows in Canberra a call today to discuss your renovation project and new build.

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