What are the benefits of replacing windows?

There are so many factors that can age a home in Canberra, the key one being climate. Most people naively assume that if they want to give their home a complete refresh, they need to invest in timely and expensive renovations. There are simple and easy tricks such as window replacements that can make an ageing home look new again. New World Windows offer premium quality window replacements in Canberra that will instantly lift a home.

The Passionate team at New World Windows know that window replacement benefits are endless. Investing in new age windows will not only improve a home’s appearance, it will also raise the standards of living.

There are several key benefits of investing in window replacements with New World Windows.

Replacing windows will save money in the long term

Like all elements of homes, windows age and will almost certainly need to be replaced at one point or another during the life span of the home. Older windows, particularly single pane windows, can be accountable for up to 30% of heat loss in a home.

There are different types of window panes available to suit all needs. New windows such as double or triple-pane are filled with krypton or argon which prevents any air from escaping the home. They also ensure that the extreme weather stays outside. Low thermal emissivity or low E windows are coated with a thin coating that reflects heat from the sun and ensures the home stays comfortable in the dry heat of Canberra summer.

Replacing old windows with energy efficient window panes will save a significant amount of money (and frustrations) when it comes to heating and cooling a home.

The value of the home will increase

Windows can be a beautiful asset to a home, particularly if they are strategically placed and stunningly new. While replacing windows may seem like a large expense, the cost is almost guaranteed to reflect the value of the home once installed. Replacing windows allows the homeowner to select a more modern or appealing colour scheme and design. These added features can significantly increase the sale value of a home.

The overall living experience will improve

A home isn’t just somewhere that someone lives. It’s a place they go to relax, entertain, learn, grow and live. Most people are immensely proud of the environments they live in and the structure of them should be no different. Replacing windows will improve the overall look of the home, enhance the natural light and control temperatures.

Replacing windows with New World Windows doesn’t just save costs and increase the value of homes. The true value of replacing windows in Canberra is the guaranteed promise of an increased and more comfortable quality of life.

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