Picture Windows

If you’re looking for some stylish new windows for your house in Canberra, then you should look no further than New World Windows Canberra’s fantastic range of double glazed fixed windows. Unlike some other companies, we guarantee that all of our windows are manufactured to the highest possible standard in Australia. This allows us to work closely with our local suppliers, helping to make our high quality double glazing more affordable and accessible to Canberra.

Our picture windows are a fantastic way of letting light flow into your room, while not compromising on heat or energy lost through the window. Our fixed windows can be as large as 5.4 m wide x 3m high and come in a range of stylish designs and colours. They give you an affordable and high-quality way to open a façade, while also maintaining perfect levels of temperature that do not compromise your comfort.

Double glazing has become extremely popular due to its fantastic properties of temperature and acoustic insulation. Investing in fixed double glazed windows will not only allow fantastic levels of light into your house without compromising on heat loss, but will also save you money in the long term. Due to its insulative properties, you will have to use your heating less than before – this makes double glazed windows a great energy efficient addition to your home. Our picture windows exceed the 6-star energy rating, giving you the best energy efficient solution for your windows. This fantastic rating is partly achieved by 20mm of Argon gas spacing in the window, which makes our windows thermal insulators of the highest quality. In addition, we can also apply a coating to the inside window pane called Low E, which reflects 75% of UV rays and solar radiant heat. When it comes to noise reduction there is no better solution than our windows. Our fixed double glazed windows are built to reduce outside noise by 39 decibels, giving you peace and quiet in your own home.

Our range of picture windows are perfect for your home if you want to maintain a comfortable environment all year round, improve the marketability of your house for years to come, and be less affected by outside noise. If you’re looking for some stylish, energy efficient windows in Canberra then you should not hesitate to call New World Windows for a free quote.


At New World Windows, we oversee every aspect of the job from initial consult to final handover. You will deal with only one representative from start to finish. This process provides you with:

  • A solid initial quote, eliminating cost blowouts
  • Full accountability for every aspect of your job
  • A truly personalised experience
  • The best possible outcome for your project


  • What is the time line for the project?

    Once ordered, the windows themselves will take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to be manufactured depending on work loads of the factories and peak seasons.

    Every installation is different, timelines depend on the style of construction of your home and the style of existing windows you have but generally, we aim for 4 to 6 windows a day.

    As a rule, we will only commence work in a room that we intend to complete the installation of on the same day. We find that this is a better experience for the homeowner as it contains the elements and building work to one portion of your house at a time.

  • What is the total budget?

    Because the initial and final measurements are done by the installers we can give you a fixed and firm quote. There are absolutely no hidden variation extras or costs, the amount on the quote and contract will never change.

  • How is the project initiated?

    Once the window frames and glass are delivered to site, our installers carefully check that everything has made it to site in 100% perfect condition. We then proceed with the installation room by room ensuring the build process has as little impact on the day to day running of your household as possible.

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